28 April 14:00 - 15:00Digital event

Optimal packing and fit-for-purpose materials are some of the key criteria when selecting the most efficient packaging solution for e-commerce. Excessive packaging impacts the global environment negatively and often adds additional costs at multiple operational levels. The overuse of materials, additional fuel needs for transportation of half-full packages, and higher rates of poorly packed goods damaged during shipping - these can add up to significant financial and environmental costs, especially when doing business at scale.

Join our upcoming Virtual Handshake meeting with Packsize and their guest Locus Robotics, where we are going to learn how packing to size can help businesses improve their e-commerce performance and what else one should consider when preparing to pack for e-commerce success.

Do you design, produce or purchase packaging for e-commerce, or maybe you have insights from another perspective in the value chain? As per usual, we will finish the event with an open Q&A session. Join from wherever you are to hear Packbridge members' stories, learn and connect!

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Denis Niezgoda
Vice President, Europe @ Locus Robotics

Denis is an accomplished leader with an impressive history of advancing critical innovative solutions including unmanned aerial vehicles, mobile robots and robot piece picking applications. From scouting, testing and deploying the latest technologies to strategizing and advising across different industries, Denis gained international experience in more than 30 countries. With his global mindset, Denis is currently establishing Locus in Europe, leading its operations and initiatives.

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Martin Jönsson
GM Sales & VP Enterprise Europe @ Packsize International

Martin has been working in the international packaging business for more than 20 years. Currently, he leads the Packsize European efforts towards "Smart packaging for a healthy planet" and assists major enterprise projects and highly automated solutions.

In his role, Martin focuses on LEAN processes, making sure that the resources are used as efficiently as possible: "We all want to grow and expand, how can we do that without exhausting the world we live in?"

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Preliminary Agenda

Welcome word from Packsize and Packbridge


Martin Jönsson, Packsize International


Denis Niezgoda, Locus Robotics


Q&A session - discussion


The wrap-up


Mingle with the speakers


About Packsize: Packsize help businesses identify the right-sized packaging - contributing to lower carbon emissions and material needs. The company resolve inventory and shipping complexities through the ability to create a custom-sized box for every order. This efficient and cost-effective, just-in-time packaging system increases total savings by up to 20 per cent.

All you need to know:

When: April 28, 14:00-15:00

Where: Wherever you are - this is a digital event 

For whom: All professionals within the packaging ecosystem

Tickets: FREE of charge upon registration

Language: This event will be held in English 


Virtual Handshake is a series of business storytelling events during which Packbridge community members share interesting cases, recent challenges, learnings, industry news, and opportunities straight from behind the scenes of their organisation.